Responsible Gambling Week

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The key objectives of RG Week are to raise awareness of:

• How to gamble more safely
• The tools that are available to help customers gamble responsibly
• Where to find more help and support for those who need it.

What will happen during Responsible Gambling Week?
The theme “Let’s talk about safer gambling” is intended to stimulate conversation between customers and the staff at the place they gamble, between customers and family and friends, and amongst the wider public.

To get the safer gambling message out as far and wide as possible, the industry will be leading on a range of activities through the week:

· Key messages will be shared via national, regional, local and trade media.

· Operators and supporters will have posters, leaflets, banners and information points across their gambling sites and venues, providing even more information about safer gambling to their customers.

· High street betting shops will have posters on their shop windows, so that the general public can benefit from the messages too.

· Staff at gambling sites will continue to be points of contact for their customers on safer gambling

Through all of these activities, the industry hopes to get everyone talking about what it means to gamble safely.

What is safer gambling?

Safer gambling means being able to gamble without putting yourself or others at risk. It’s about treating gambling as a fun activity, rather than as a way to make money. It’s about understanding the risks and making an informed choice as to whether you participate, and if you do, about how much you can afford to gamble.